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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BAILLIE HILL Bailliehill
Bailie Hill
Mr John Rae, Schoolmaster
Mr John Barton Schoolmaster
Mr R. Wilson
Johnston's County Map
056 [Situation] 2 1/2 miles N.W. by W. [North West by West] from Dalton
A hill with a Fir plantation on it, enclosed with a fence
The Authorities are of Opinion that this name is not from Baile (fir or Blaze.) but from Baillie a Man's Name. Hist. [History] of Scotland wth Vol [Volume] page 192 [initialled MD]
Nor yet from Bal, or Bally, or Boal, or Bailie
Holmains Moor
Holmains Moor
Mr Carruthers Esqr
Mr Jowit GameKeep
Mr John Rae
050; 056 [Situation] Forming a portion of N.Wn [North Western] district of this Parish,
A tract of High Moorland property of Mr William Francis Carruthers of Dormont
Extends from Dam Moor to Routhing Cleugh and Joins in with the Boundary of Mouswald, the whole is Rough and Heathy and used as a Sheep walk it abounds with moor birds and other Game,

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[Page] 21
Parish Dalton -- Plan 56.3 -- Trace 1.

[Note Baillie Hill] -- This Name is of frequent occurrence throughout the
Country and the compound is generally supposed to refer
to the rank of the deputed officer of a certain district or Barony
- that meetings were wont to be convened on such hillocks
as the above where the Baron's depute judicially presided. This officer was called
"the Baron-bailie or baillie." -- Dr [Doctor] Jamieson

[Signed] M Donohue April 1856,

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