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William Sharp Esqr of Knockhill - and representative of the late General Sharp proprietor of Hoddam Castle
John Dalzell Game Keeper
Chalmers' Caledonia
Johnston's County Map
057 [Situation] Near the northern extremity of Parish on the South bank of River Annan.
It is a very large and handsome mansion house beautifully situated in the midst of a large and extensive demense, and although not at present inhabited it is in very good repair, it was much enlarged about 30 years ago by its then owner and occupier the late General Sharp. As I have not been able to find the date of this building I give an extract taken from "Pennants Tour through Scotland" which is considered by William Sharp Esqr of Knockhill to be correct and who is one of the representatives of the late General Sharp.
"Hoddam Castle consists of a great square tower with three slender round turrets, the entry through a door protected by another of iron bars, and near it a square hole by way of Dungeon, and a square stair Case of stone suited to the place. On my visit here instead of finding a Captive damsel and a fierce Warder we met with a courteous Laird and his beateous spouse, the Dungeon was not filled with piteous prisoners but well stored [generous] wine "This Castle or rather Strong Border house was built by "John Lord Harris nick named John de reeve, a streneous supporter of Mary Stuart" who conveyed her safe from the Battle of Langside to his house of Terrylees in Gallaway and from thence to the abbey of Dundrennan, and [accompanied] her in a small vessel in her fatal flight into England. Soon after it was surrendered to the Regent Murray, who appointed the Laird of [Lanrig] Governer and Lord of the Marches. Before the accession of James VI Hoddam was one of the places of defence on the Borders for in Hollinshead [Tour] of Scotland" it is stated that the "House of Hoddam was to be keped with one wise Stout Man and to have with him two well horsed men and thier [own] two stark footmen to keep their horses." In the Walls about this house are preserved altars and inscriptions in the station at Burrens". It is the property [of the] representatives of the late General William Sharp Esqr. of Knockhill near Eccllefecan being one of them
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Parish of Cummertrees -- Sheet 57 No. 6 -- Trace No.3

[Note] -- Hoddom is the mode
of spelling adopted in
Parish of that name,
Vide Page 1 of Name Book.

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