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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Caerlaverock or Carlaverock
William Constable Maxwell of Nithsdale Esqre.
Francis Maxwell Esqre.
Estate Plan (1776)
Title Deeds and Charters from 14th Century
'Chronicon de Carlaverock' (contemporary with 11 & 12th Cents. [Centuries]
Charters and Writings prior to 14th Century
Le siege de Karlaverock (Poem contemporary with Surrender of Castle in 1300.)
Balckwood's Co. [County] Map
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
Gazetteer of Scotland
The New Statistical Account of Dumfriesshire
An Old Scottish Ballad
055; 056; 060; 061; 065; 066 [Situation] At S Wn [South Western] extremity of Dumfriesshire.
The Name of this Parish seems to be the cause of much
controversy and various imparts have been assigned thereto.-
The tradition of the locality is, that the name originated with
a certain British Poet called Lewarch Ogg who founded the original Fort or Castle during the 6th Century - the site of which is still pointed out on Ward Law. The Spelling adopted in an Old Scotch Ballad is quite in keeping with this tradition where Sir William Wallace addresses his faithful friend Sir John Graham previous to the taking of Lochmaben Castle
"I would Sailye giff ye think it may be
"Lowmaben house quhilk now is left allayne
"For weill Iwait power in it is lewt Mayne
"Carlaverock as yet, Maxwell has in hand"
The vernacular pronunciation is still mainly similar to the above. Antiquarians nevertheless maintain that Caerlaverock is the proper spelling, the prefic being the ancient British word for a fort should be spelt Caer according to Tacitus, but they are at variance with respect to the entire meaning of the name as Chalmers considers it to signify "the Castle with the rotundity jutting out" Whilst Baxter interprets it as "the Castle close upon the sea". - These definitions may be strictly correct in an antiquarian or classical point of view, but as the spelling of the prefice is contrary to documentary precedents, - which considered with the fact that the ancient British word for a fort assumes many forms in nomenclature- the views of Antiquarians cannot be deemed sufficient warranty for the adoption here of Caerlaverock. - Moreover, W.C. Maxwell Esquire the proprietor and present claimant of the Lordship of the Barony of Carlaverock states in a memorandum that "the Spelling adopted by Antiquarians is entirely a modern innovation, that Carlaverock "has been universally used for the last two or three centuries in all Charters and other Royal White "all other titles or papers connected with the Estate or County and that Caerlaverock has got into
"use from some antiquarians' views as to the deviation of the name from Caer a fort"
The Parish of Carlaverock is bounded on the North by that of Dumfries - on the East by Mouswald and Ruthwell in the County of Dumfries - on the South by the Low Water Channel of the Solway Firth - on the west by a part of Kirkcudbrightshire._ The Boundaries on the North are Centre of Road, root of hedge undefined and fence - on North East and East centreof wall, centre of Kelwood Burn and Lochan Water on the South? and on the West River Nith and its Channel se. There is no detached part of Carlaverock within the Boundaries of another Parish nor within its limits as above set forth a detached portion of any other Parish._ The landward part of this Parish in the form
of an elongated hill descending gradually to the Nith on the west and to Lochan Water on the East terminating at the South in the flat expanse of Sand called Blackshaw Bank towards the Solway. This portion is about 6 miles long and averages 2 miles broad and its Area was at the commencement of the present century carefully computed at 5,850 acres. of which Mr, Maxwell
owns 5,010, acres._ The state of cultivation may be 130 wood, 40 permanent pasture, 65 moss, 250 marsh and 5,365 cultivated. The average rent of land is £1.3.0 The Lands are well enclosed with stone

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Parish of Carlaverock Co. [County] Dumfries.

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