List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CAULDWELL SIKE Cauldwell Syke James Telfer Bromieknowe
John Armstrong Greenburn
William Patterson Barrascroft
053 [Situation] From the Nn. [Northern] vicinity of Orchard S.W. [South West] to Byre Burn.
A stream which rises a little North of Orchard it runs by Oaktree Well and falls into Byreburn
AIKTREE WELL Aiktree Well John Armstrong Greenburn
James Telfer Bromieknowe
William Patterson Barrascroft
053 [Situation] 15 chains South of Broomyknowe.
A spring well, South of Broomieknowe, & beside Cauldwell Syke on the Broomieknowe farm So called, from a large oak tree which grew near it
BYRE BURN Byre Burn John Armstrong Greenburn
James Telfer Broomieknowe
William Patterson Barrascroft
053; 054 [Situation] From about 1/2 mile S.W. [South West] of Hardenside Hill S.W. [South West] to River Esk.
A large stream formed by the confluence of several smaller ones. a little North of Nether Bog, it flows through the farms of Greenburn & Broomieknowe and falls into the River Esk.

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