List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PRIORHILL T.P. Priorhill T P [Turn Pike]
Priorhill T P [Turn Pike]
John Elliot Tollkeeper Priorhill
Walter Glendinning Cross Keys Hotel Canonbie
053 [Situation] Nearly 3/4 mile N.E. [North East] from Forgebraehead.
A one Storey house with garden attached used for the purpose of collecting toll, the property of the Roxburgh road Trustees it is occupied by John Elliot
JOCK'S POOL Jock's Pool
Jock's Pool
Robert Nicol Gardner Lymiecleuch
William Little Grocer Byreburnfoot
053 [Situation] In River Esk below Knottyholm.
A deep pool in the River Esk Situated a little below the Mill Pool
Limey Cleuch
Lymie Cleuch
Lymie Cleuch
James Halliday Shepherd Park House
Robert Nicol Gardner Lymiecleuch
Estate Plans and Papers
J Elliot Esqre. Middleholm
053 [Situation] On the East bank of River Esk.
A hollow situated a little above Canonbie Bridge there is a small stream flowing down its centre which enters the River Esk

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Parish of Canonbie -- Sheet 53 No 16 -- Trace 3

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