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Sark Burn
Sark River
River Sark
Peter Graham Farmer Bogrie
G Thomson Laborer Tomshielburn
Johnstons County Map
See Page 138 of Middlebie Name Book
053; 059 [Situation] On the En. [Eastern] Parish Boundary
A large stream having its Source half a mile West of Bloch Well, it forms the boundary between Canonbie and Half Mor [Morton] Ph [Parish] flowing in a Southerly direction and empties itself into the Solway Firth.
Nether Bogrie
Nether Bogrie
Peter Graham Farmer Bogrie
G Thomson Laborer Tomshielburn
Property documents
053 [Situation] 33 chains S.E. by S. [South East by South] from Over Bogrie
A middling Sized farm house 2 Storeys high slat [slated] and in good repair having a garden attached, the property of the Duke of Buccleuch Tenan [Tenanted] by Peter Graham.

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Parish of Canonbie -- Sheet 53 No 13 -- Trace 1

[Signed] John McDonnell SprRE [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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