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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
RIVER ANNAN River Annan James Johnstone Dinwoodie Mains
Robert Nevison Gamekeeper, Dinwoodie
James Jardine DalmaKeddar
033; 042 [Situation] On Wn. [Western] Parish Boundary
A large stream which takes its rise about 4 or 5 miles above Moffat, runs a Southerly direction, and falls into the Solway Firth, about a mile below the town of Annan.
JOHNSTONE BRIDGE Johnstone Bridge James Johnstone Dinwoodie Mains
Robert Nevison GameKeeper Dinwoodie
James Jardine DalmaKeddar
033 [Situation] Over River Annan ¾ mile N.W. by N. [North West by North] from Dinwoodie Mains.
A stone bridge of one arch across the R. [River] Annan. This bridge was built when a general improvement was made upon the road between Glasgow, and Carlisle A.D. 1818? - written on Bridge

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[page] 10
Parish of Applegarth Sheet 33.12 trace 1

Roman Road - See page 3 for Authorities &c.

[signed] John Jane
Sapper R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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