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MARQUIS'S TREE The Marquis's Tree
The Marquis's Tree
James Beattie Newbie Mains
James Scott Newbie Barns
062 [Situation] 11 chains N.E. [North East] from Newbie Mains
This is a pear tree in the old Castle Garden which was attached to Newbie Castle. The tree is said to have been planted by one of the Marquises of Annandale, and is still pointed out to Visitors as the Marquis's tree.
Solway Firth
Solway Firth
Crawford's Map of Dumfriesshire
New Statistical Acct [Account] of Dumfriesshire
Dr Singer's Agricultural Survey of Dumfriesshire
062; 063 A large bay projecting from the Irish Sea N.E. [North East] between England and Scotland

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