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Institution Place
Dr. [Doctor] Milne, Principal, Institu. [Institution]
Mr Bradshaw
134.07 A double row of neatly erected dwellings two stories, having gardens & other accommodation attached, running between Burnside& the grounds of the Institution. They are occupied by the teachers of Macnab's School & the property of that Institution.
Brewers Knowe
Mr Brown
Mr George
134.07 A small Knoll covered with broom & rough pasture situated on the farm of Gateside
WOOLLEN MILL Mill (Woolen) Mr Drysdale, proprietor
Mr Brown
134.07 A good substantially erected building two stories high on N. [North] Bridge Street & used for the manufactor of tweeds & plaids. It is worked by the proprietor Mr Drysdale with the assistance of water

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Parish of Dollar

Sheet 134.7 Trace 2

[Below entry for Mill:]
Woolen Mill to be written on the Plan. This name
should not appear in the Name Book as it is merely
a descriptive name.

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