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CLACKMANNAN (village) Clackmannan
Mr. Thomas Russell
Rev. [Reverend] Peter Balfour
Mr. Joseph Russell
140.05 The village of Clackmannan is built on rising ground, which slopes gently towards the east from King's Seat Hill, on which stands the old tower. There are a good many two storey houses, but the greater number are only one storey, and, with the exception of a few modern, slated buildings, all tiled, and, in general, good repair. The only street of any importance is one which extends in an easterly direction through the village; the western half of this street is called High Street, and the eastern half is known as Main Street.
It has three churches, namely, the parish church, U.P. [United Presbyterian], and Free Church, and three schools. It is nominally the capital of the county, although Alloa is so virtually, and will have to be treated as such on the Ordnance Survey plans, all county business being transacted in the latter place.

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Parish of Clackmannan

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It is necessary for the purposes of the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] that
the N.L. [Name List?] should determine all points relating
to the Character of a Town -
1. Is it a Village
2. Is it a Town
3. or Market Town
4. Is it County Town
5. If not, where is the County Town
6. Is it a Par. [Parish] Burgh
7. A Mun. [Municipal] Burgh

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Which of these should the
Ordnance Survey adopt as
the Co. [County] Town?

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