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CLACKMANNAN (parish) Clackmannan
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134 [situation] In the extreme South of the County of Clackmannan.
The parish of Clackmannan is in the Presbytery of Stirling, Synod of Perth and Stirling. It is bounded on the north, and West, by the parish of Dollar, Tillicoultry, and Alloa; in the County of Clackmannan; On the east, by the parish of Fossaway in the County of Perth, and by the parish of Saline in the county of Fife; and on the South and Southwest, by the parishes of Culross and Tulliallan in the County of Perth, and by the parish of Airth in the County of Stirling.
There is a detached part of this parish locally Situated between the parishes of Alloa, Alva and Tillicoultry
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Clackmannan, a town in the above parish, formerly the County town. but the County business is now all done at Alloa as seen hereafter. On each side of the town of Clackmannan the ground has a gradual descent, but towards the West where the old Tower of Clackmannan is placed, it is bold and rocky. The surrounding scenery, as beheld from this tower is exceedingly picturesque and beautiful. The foreground is filled by the Forth, here a mile in breadth, and 3 miles farther down expanding into a wide sheet of water resembling a large inland lake, which is called the Firth of Forth from the junction of the boundary (on the river Forth) between the parishes of Tulliallan and Clackmannan. The tower or Keep - now the property of the Earl of Zetland - is all that now remains of the castle or palace of Robert Bruce, in which that monarch is said to have resided sometime previous to the battle of Bannockburn. Till very lately the sword and helmet of the illustrious Bruce were kept here; they are now in the possession of the Earl of Elgin, at Broomhall, in Fifeshire, to whom the widow of Robert Bruce, Esq bequeathed them. In the middle of the principal street stands a ruin which was once the prison and town house.
The County of Clackmannan consists of the parishes of Clackmannan, Dollar, Tillioultry, Alloa and three separate parts of the parish of L[ogie] one of these parts, together with a portion of Stirling parish, form a detached part of the County of Clackmannan. The County is conjoined [continued over on page2]

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