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TULLIBODY Tullibody Valuation Roll 1861-62
Andrew Jamieson Esqr.
James Moir Esqr.
Mr S. N. Morrison
133.15 A small village the houses of which are chiefly one storey in height and occupied by agricultural laborers and colliers. There are a few shops, three Public Houses, Free Church, Manse and School, it is the property of Lord Abercrombie Airthrie Park.

“The village of Tullibody is situated about two miles west of Alloa, and claims a comparatively high antiquity. It is said to be coeval with the accession of Kenneth King of the Scots, about the year of our Lord 834. On succeeding to the throne, this monarch, as may well be conceived, felt highly exasperated at the conduct of the Picts towards his father, whom they put to death, and whose head they affixed to the gate of their capital. Determined on revenge, and supported by the nobles, he proceeded forthwith against the enemy. Druskein, the Pictish monarch, aware of the gathering storm, summoned to his standard every Pict capable of bearing arms, and provided a large body of English auxiliaries. Assembling at Maiden Castle, a fortified place in Lothian and at that time in his possession, he marched in a westerly direction and, ordering supplies at Cameron, proceeded to Stirling, where he crossed the Forth, intending to encamp on its northern bank. In the meantime, Kenneth had approached to the distance of about 5 miles from Stirling, on the rising crofts, on the east side of the river Devon, Here with the greatest solemnity, he, his nobles and troops took an oath, that they
would not lay down their arms until either they or their adversaries fell. Here also they encamped for the night. Next morning at day break, Kenneth, with all his forces, proceeded westward, and coming up
with the enemy, attacked them with such skill and impetuosity, that in a few hours they were totally routed, with immense slaughter, In the evening, he returned with his slated troops to the fields which they had occupied in the morning; and as a mark of gratitude for this signal victory over his hereditary foe
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