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ALLT A' BHURG Allt a' Burgh
Allt a' Burgh
Allt a' Burgh
John McKay, Badbea.
A. Sutherland.
J Grant.
044 A small stream, rising at the main road, flowing N. [North] East, joins Ousdale Burn about 1/4 of a mile above its Confluence with the Sea. Sig: [Signification] ''Burn of the Burgh''
EAS POLL AN DAMARIN Eas Poll an Damarin. John McKay.
A. Sutherland.
J. Grant.
044 A waterfall where the Ousdale Burn enters the sea. Sig: [Signification] ''Unknown''
CREAG NAM FEANNAG Creag na Fheannag John: McKay.
A. Sutherland.
044 Applies to two* Conspicuous rocks, a little way to sea surrounded at Low water opposite ''Poll - Bathadh'' Sig: [Signification] ''Creag of the hooded Crows''
* This name probably was applied originally to only one of these rocks but in process of time it became the habit to apply the singular form to both *
* A common form of corruption in all districts where the gaelic is dying out. [initials]
Leac Ghlas
John: McKay.
A. Sutherland.
044 A long jagged flat rock projecting from the cliff a little N. [North] of ''Ousdale Burn''

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Parish of Latheron -- Co: [County] of Caithness.

Leac Ghlas - Leac fem. [feminine]

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