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A STONE CIST CONTAINING HUMAN REMAINS, STONE WEAPONS & IMPLEMENTS FOUND HERE A.D. 1866 [Keiss] Human remains in Stone Cist, Spear head, Arrow heads & Stone vessels (found here A,D 1866,) James Miller, Stain.
John CormacK, Keiss.
Donald Leith, Keiss.
013 These antiquities were discovered by Mr Laing of OrKney who was then M.P. [Member of Parliament] for the Northern Boroughs, at that period residing at Keiss House. There were several excavations made and sKeletons disclosed, all in the immediate neighbourhood of the above, The one referred to being the only one enclosed in a Cist. The remains were Considered to have been of a Chief of the early settlers of this part of scotland. There having been a colony of these ancient inhabitants in the district, apparantly at the place indicated on trace 4 Plan 9 Sheet 14. and in all probability the portion of ground where the remains were found was used as their place of sepulture. The place of discovery being on the sea coast at the south end of Stain.
See above sketch of cist as locally authenticated.

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Parish of WicK -- Co: [County] of Caithness

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