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STANDING STONE [Greystones] Standing Stone Revd [Reverend] Mr Gunn, F.C. [Free Church] Manse Watten 018 This stone is a good specimen of the many standing stones which are to be met with in this County. It is situated near the Farm of Greystones and within fifty yeards of the Turnpike road leading to Thurso About half a centuary ago there were standing near the present one, other two, which were removed about that time for building purposes. Another is barely visible above the surface, And has no doubt fallen over and gradually been imbedded in the soil - The popular belief is, that, those standing stones are sepulchral monuments, either errected over the body of a Chief who had fallen in battle and had been interred there, or to mark the spot where he fell - But in this case there were at least four stones within a few feet of each other, so it is more probable that they were Druidical remains than covering the grave of a Danish chief as the people say -

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Watten Parish -- Caithness

[Sketch inserted and initialled with note] -- [G.AR?] -- From the south
[Diagram inserted with measurements] -- [Height] -- 4 1/4 feet; [Width at centre] -- 2 1/4 [feet]; [Width at top] -- 1 1/4 [feet]

[Signed] George Hobson, C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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