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ALLT THORCAILL Allt Thorcaill Capt [Captain] Gunn Braehour
D. Gunn Dalnaha
A. McKay Cnoc-glass
026 Formed by the union of Allt Lonie-list and Meur nan Gabar from which it pursues a north-easterly course to a confluence with Allt Loch na Cloich where it assumes the name of Abhain nan Sliabh.
CA-NA-CATANACH Ca na Catanach

Road of the Sutherland men (corruption)
Donald Gunn Dalnaha
A. McKay Knock-glas
Capt [Captain] Gunn Brachour
Estate Plan of Strathmore
026 This road can be traced from Dorrery past Loch Caluim, over the top of Cnoc Beul na Fire and crosses the Sutherland Boundary at the top of Cnoc nan Goul. It was made use of as a drove road between the two counties and some time ago, when the Sutherland people were in the habit of taking their meal from Caithness, they went and came on this road with [Continued on page 70]

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Co. [County] Caithness -- HalKirK Ph [Parish]

[Note Allt Thorcaill] -- Torquil's Stream
[Note Ca-na-Catanach] -- Road of the Sutherland men

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