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STRATHMORE WATER Strathmore Water D. Gunn Dalnaha
Capt [Captain] Gunn Braehour
Marwood Sutherland Achscoriclett
026 ; 027 ; 031 I have written, Abhainn an t-strath mòr, to this River on Sheet 27 but although this is the ancient name of the river, I find it is now generally known by the name Strathmore River. It is formed by the union of the Waters of Glutt and Rumsdale near Dalganachan. Its course is of a north easterly direction. After receiving the waters of numerous little Streams it discharges itself into the south side of Loch mòr.

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County - Caithness -- Parish of Hallkirk

[Signed] George Rose
C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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