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FÉITH CHAOL BHEAG Feith Chaol Bheag D. Gunn Dalnahaw
Captain Gunn Braehour
William Gunn Lonan
026 The ground on either side of the stream [Allt] Feith caol Beag.

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[Page] 42
County of Caithness -- Parish of Hallkirk

[Note Allt Féithe Caoile Mòire, crossed out] -- Cancelled [Initialled] W.P.
[Note Allt Féith Chaol Bheag, crossed out] -- Cancelled [Initialled] W.P.
[Note Féith Chaol Bheag] -- Small, narrow mire

[Signed] George [Rose]
C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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