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LOCH BAD A' CHANNAIN Loch Bad a Channain Captain Gunn Braehour
D. Gunn Dalnaha
M. Sutherland Achscoriclett
026 ; 031 A small lake, near the south end of the hill of that name, near the county boundry. Proprietor - Sir J.G.T. Sinclair M.P. [Member of Parliament]
CROM-ALLT BEAG Crom Allt Beag Captain Gunn Braehour
D. Gunn Dall na h-Ath
M. Sutherland Achscoriclett
026 A Small Stream rising South of Loch Bad a Channain, pursues an easterly course to a confluence with Crom Allt Mòr or Lurg Mòr as it is now generally called.
CNOC AN EICH Cnoc an Eich For Authorities and descriptive RemarKs see the name lists of sheet 27.

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[Page] 34
County of Caithness -- Parish of Hallkirk

[Note Loch Bad a Channain] -- The word Channain is said
to be the name of an old
corn measure. I therefore
think it comes from the word
Cann, Signifying Vessel.

[Note Crom Allt Beag] -- Small Crooked Stream
[Note Cnoc an Eich] -- this name not on Plan 26A nor 26
on sheets 26 & 31A

Leth-ghleann - [circled]

[Signed] George Rose C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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See 6" map Sheet 31A (Inset 26A)

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