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GREEN TULLOCHS Green Tulachs (Pictish Houses remains of) Mr G. McKay Esq. Borrowston Mains
Mr Waters. Bulmore
Mr Niel Henderson, Dunreay
004 About 64 chains west of the chapel - along the shore and close to the edge of the cliff is a pictish cairn - all of which has been removed but the principal wall of the building - that - through time and exposure has now become an Embankment of loose Earth and stones - and is about 8 or 10 feet high -
PICTS' HOUSES (Remains of) [Green Tullochs] 004 a few paces to the south west a small conical mound stands - another Pictish-house almost entire. It has like the rest - no doubt - an internal chamber - no Excavation has been made in it - a quantity of earth has been taken out of the side of it but the building remains untouched - no information can be obtained about the other one - what so ever
A STONE CIST CONTAINING HUMAN REMAINS FOUND HERE A.D. 1871 [nr. Green Tullochs] (Stone coffin found here A D 1871) 004 A few paces south of the cairn in an arable field a stone coffin of small dimentions containing human remains was discovered - in the summer of '71. I may mention that in the same field and in the vicinity of the cairn several cannon balls have been picked up - which have no doubt been fired at the cairns from the sea - by French ships of war - in the interval of our war with France between the years - 1798 - 1815 as these Cairns have from the sea - the appearance of small forts.

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