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or hillocK, in the parish of Olrig, called Sysa, which has been particularly celebrated, from time immemorial, as a favourite haunt of witches & fairies. Of late years its appearance has been somewhat altered by the agricultural improvements which have taKen place in the common in which it is situated. Sysa, originally, notwithstanding its bad name, possessed some features of interest. On gaining the top from the north, you saw the side fronting the south shaped into a beautiful green hollow, having a gentle slope downwards. This hollow contained a spring of delicious water, clear as crystal; and, in the summer season, the sward around it was of the richest green, thicKly sprinKled with wild-flowers, and contrasting strongly with the brown and stunted herbage of the surrounding moor. It was, on the whole, a rather pretty spot, and, situated as it was, it came upon the eye liKe an oasis in the desert." - The well, or spring mentioned above has been drained away, and nothing now remains to guide one to the belief that ever such a thing existed on it.
Ghoul Law
Ghoul Law
James Smith, Esq. Olrig House.
Mr John Mowatt, Castletown.
Mr Keith Castletown.
012 This name applies to a very strange looKing natural hillocK of no great height, and which is situated between the "Gallow Hill", and "Sysa". Tradition says that this hillocK is the favourite resort of the fairies, witches &c. &c.: the property of James Smith Esquire. of Olrig House.

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