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DUNNET BAY Dunnet Bay William Purves, Esq. Thurdistoft
James Cairncross. Thurso
William Murray. Murkle
006 An imaginary line drawn from Clairdon Head to Dunnet Head wd [would] define the Extent of Dunnet Bay -
"It forms a deep indentation, somewhat 'in the shape of an oblong - Its breadth across is about two Miles and it is completely land-locked on the south side by the low rocKy shore of Castlehill & Murkle, and on the north or Dunnet side, by a lofty wall of precipices - It is a beautiful inlet, but still a very dangerous one, when the wind blows right down from the north-west - A Gale from this Quarter throws in a very heavy sea from the Atlantic; and if a vessel shd [should] unfortunately Get embayed, her destruction, from the great difficulty of working out again, is almost certain - Before the erection of the lighthouse on Dunnet head scarce a winter passed without one or two shipwrecks - In the darkness vessels frequently mistook the bay for the Pentland firth, and before they were away, they struck either on the rocks or on the Sand at the south End of the Bay - In 1811 The Barque Fingal, of London shaped her course by mistake down the bay The night was dark and stormy, and the vessel being heavily laden, struck far out in the sands - and went almost instantly to pieces - the Crew 16 in number all perished" -
When roused by a heavy westerly gale, the bay, from the tumultuous agitation and magnitude (over)
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