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ST COOMB'S KIRK (Site of) St Coomb's Kirk John Cairnncross Thurso
William Purves Esq. Thurdistoft
John Murray, Murkle
006 About 30 Chains due north of Thurdistoft on the Links of Old Tain is a large sandy hillock about 12 feet in height almost overgrown with bent - There are traces of building - or at least- stones may be seen here and there when the surface is broken. This hillock is called "St Coomb's Kirk" (perhaps in honour of St Columba) "There is a tradition that this church and the Adjoining Manse, supposed to have been the parish church and Manse of the United Phs [Parishes] of Dunnet & Olrig, were, in the night season, suddenly overwhelmed with sand during the prevalence of a storm, the minister and his family effecting their escape with difficulty by the roof: and is is probable that it was at this period that the adjoining lands of the property of Tain shared the Same fate
LINKS OF OLD TAIN Links of Old Tain 006 "The district is now Known by the name of the Links of Old Tain" This large tract of sand is covered woth bent and a dryspecies of grass which is of little use for pasture, it extends Northwest & south East from the Boundary Wall of the Ph [Parish] of Olrig to the sea and north and south from the Burn of Midsand to the cultivation of Thursdistoft farm It is the property of J. C. Trail Esq. of Ratter.

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Ph [Parish] of Olrig -- County of Caithness

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