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Site of BATTLE A.D. 1196 [Clairdon Hill] Site of Battle. Human bones & PiKe-heads found here.
Site of Battle. Human bones & PiKe-heads found here.
Site of Battle. Human bones & PiKe-heads found here.
Mr McKay, Thurso,
Mr J Cairncross, Thurso,
Calders History of Caithness.
006 The site of Battle shewn on this trace refers to the one which was fought on Clairdon Hill in the year 1196, between Harold the Elder, and Harold the Younger. Calder in his History of Caithness page 65 & 66, says, "In the year 1196, a famous battle was fought on the hill of Clairdon, about two miles to the east of Thurso, between Earl Harold, son of the infamous Countess of Athole, and Harold, grandson of that Earl Ronald who was assassinated in Caithness. By way of distinction, they are called Harold the Elder, and Harold the Younger. The former, who from his extraordinary cruelty and tyranny has acquired the cognomen of WicKed Earl Harold, was a perfect scourge to Caithness; and his memory is handed down by tradition in it even to this day, confirming the truth of the poet's remarK, that "the evil men do, lives after them". This bold bad man had violently dispossessed Harold the Younger of one-half of the county which belonged to him by inheritance from his grandfather, Earl Ronald; and it was to recover his share of the earldom, and his hereditary rights, that the latter tooK the field. Each mustered a large force. The army of Harold the Younger was mostly all natives of Caithness; that of Harold the Elder was chiefly composed of OrKneymen or Norwegians. Murt and Lifolf, two brave and experienced officers, led on the Caithness men. The battle commenced with a furious attacK on both sides, and raged for some time without any decided advantage to either. At length, notwithstanding their superiority in numbers, the Norwegians were on the (over)
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