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Site of ST CIARAN'S CHAPEL Site of St. Ciaran's Chapel

St. Ciran
Captain Gunn Braehour
Mr. Grant Rumsdale
D. Gunn Dalnaha
New Statistical Acct [Account]
031 Stood on a green Dale on the South bank of Rumsdale Water, near Rumsdale; On the site of which, is now built, a circular Sheep-fold. As the Stones have been used up in building the Sheep-fold, there is nothing of the Chapel to be seen; nor, like others in this district, is there any appearance, or knowledge of its having been made use of as a place of interment.
Gray's Dale
Captain Gunn Braehour
Mr. Grant Rumsdale
D. Gunn Dalnaha
031 A Small Dale on the north bank of Rumsdale Water near Rumsdale, on the opposite side of the River from the site of the old Chapel of that name.
takes its name from the Chapel

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County of Caithness -- Parish of Hallkirk

[Note St Ciaran's Chapel] -- ''There was besides, the Chapel of St Peter
at Olgrinmore, that of St Columba at Dirlot,
and that of St. Ciran in Strathmore.''

[Note Dail Chiarain] -- A proper name masculine
is always aspirated in the
Genitive case

[Note Dail Chiarain] -- Gray's Dale

[Signed] George Rose
C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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