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Mr M. Campbell. Shepherd Carrichoich
Mr. G. Gunn Shepherd Cupernisgaich
Mr W. Gunn Shepherd Cupernisgaich
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
037 A very high rocky hill situated about 11 miles from Berriedale & about the same distance from Dunbeath. From its base to its summit its ascent is very, steep on all sides, and owing, to its rocky and stony nature, it proves a good abode for vermin, such as the Wild Cat, the Fox, and & Badger.
The Eagle and smaller birds of prey also make there home in the dark recesses of its rugged summit. Morven is 2313 feet above the level of the sea & commands a fine View of the surrounding Counties & their waters.

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Latheron Parish -- Caithness - shire

[Faint note] -- You might speak to Mr Henderson Banker
Thurso he is Factor for the estate in
which part of Morven is situated
Mr Grey wishes it to be written Morven

[Signed] James Archbold
Sap R.E. [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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