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THE LECK Leac of Gerston

The Leck
J.C. Swanson Esq Gerston
Mr Donald McKay, HalKirk
Mr B. Davidson, Gerston
Estate Plan
017 This name applies to a flat rock in the bed of the river near Gerston - which is always visible except when the river is flooded -
ACHIES Auchins

Estate Plan
Mr. Logan
Rent Roll
Mr B. Davidson Gerston
017 a small croft situated close to the farm of Gerston; the property of Sir T. Sinclair Bart. [Baronet] Thurso Castle.
MOSS OF HALKIRK Moss of Halkirk Alexander Sutherland
Donald McKay
James Steven
017 Applies to a small peat moss which is being reclaimed; the property of Sir J.G.T. Sinclair Bart. [Baronet] This moss is situated adjacent to the village of Halkirk, but it is only used by a few of the inhabitants the, the principal moss being midway between Halkirk and Harpsdale.

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