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Ach-Hacou Continued [from page 5]
Stand to his agreement but [instead] of two, he brought eight well armed ships, which showed that he was of hostile intention. Earl [Magnus] followers were resolved to defend there master by force of arms when they saw he was betrayed. ''But Earl Magnus piously [dissuaded] them from offering the least opposition to save him.'' After a little conference between the two Earls and their followers "St Magnus" was condemned to death, and fell by the hand of one Lifolfus, Earl Hacou's Cook; who was compelled to act the part of executioner. ''Earl Hacou after having got a charter on the half of Orkney from the King of Norway he slew all the King of Norway's officers that managed Earl Magnus' estate and took possession of all Orkney''. Earl Hacou is supposed to have died in the year 1136.''

Torfeus' History of Caithness Pages 87 to 91

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