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Mr B. Sutherland. Tenant
John Miller. Balbeg.
Donald Gunn Mybster
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Black's Co. [County] map
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] page 79
023 Is a shepherds dwellimg. it was once a farm but it is now attached to Dale. and is all under Sheep pasture, its the property of Sir P.M. Thriepland Budge. of FingasK.
ACHKEEBSTER [1895] For 1" purposes only, see remarK in Index - 1895 Mr D. Nicolson Momtpellier House, WicK, N.B. [North Britain] 023
ACHKEEPSTER MOSS Achkeepster Moss Mr B. Sutherland. Achkeepster.
John Miller, Balbeg,
Donald Gunn, Mybster
023 Is a large peat moss. all the Mybster Tenants use the peat of this moss it is well known by this name, the property of Sir P.M. Thriepland Budge. of FingasK.
BLACK BURN BlacK Burn Mr B. Sutherland. Achkeepster,
John Miller, Balbeg,
Donald Gunn Mybster.
023 Is a small burn which taKes its rise at the West side of Achkeepster Moss. and flows Northwards into the Achlachan Burn, it is well known by this name as there is a number of small blacK braes by the side of it.

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County of Caithness -- Parish of HalKirK

[signed] Matthew Banks C/A. [Civilian Assistant]

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Proprietor of Achkeepster and Achkeepster Moss Sir P.M. Thriepland, Bridge of Fingask.

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