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FREE CHURCH SCHOOL [Home Farm] School William Bain. Schoolmaster, Alexander Sutherland. Harpsdale,
Donald Bain. Torrbui.
017 This is a Free Church School bult in 1841 by general subscription. it is in good repair there are 30 Boys. and 14 Girls, attending this School, it is situated about 60 chains North of Dale Home Farm.
DALE CROFTS Dale Crofts Robert Forbes. Tenant.
John Martin Tenant.
Alexander Sutherland. Harpsdale.
017 Three small crofts a short distance North East of Dale Home Farm. none of the three is in good repair. they are the property of Sir P.M. Thriepland Budge of FingasK.
TORRBUIE Torrbuie Donald Bain. Tenant.
A Sutherland Harpsdale.
William Bain Schoolmaster
017 An ordinary sized Farmsteading it is not in very good repair it is situated upon Harpsdal Hill. the property of Sir John George Tolemash. Sinclair of Ulibster.

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