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ACHINGOUL Achingoul David Miller, Tenant
Valuation Roll.
D. Henderson. Buolingtogle
017 Is an ordinary sized Farm-steading, in good repair situated about one mile North East of the Farm of Braehour. and is the property of Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie, of Scotscalder.

D. Henderson. Tenant
Valuation Roll.
D. Miller. Achingoul,
Mr Brims Thurso
Rent Roll
Mr Gunn Braehour
017 Is two ordinary Sized Farm-steadings it is not in very good repair. Situated a few chains South of Achingoul. the property of Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie, of Scotscalder,
BLACK LOCH Black Loch D. Henderson, Tenant
Valuation Roll.
D. Miller, Achingoul.
017 Is a small loch situated in Olgrinmore district, and from which a deep drain has been cut leaving the Loch, almost dry. but being in the middle of a large wet moss. it will fill in winter time, it is well known by this name.

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