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UAMH CAPUILL Uaigh Chapuil (Mares Cove)
Uaigh Chapuil
Uaigh Chapuil
Iamh Capuill
Mathew McPhee Kilcattan
John Currie Kilcattan
John McFie Kilcattan
227.04 A rough rocky Cove on the west side of the island and a little to the South west of South Garrochty,
[Note] "Uamh", a cove, "Capuill"
Barr Hill
Barr Hill
Mr. McDougal South Garrochty
Mr. McLean Dunagoyle
John Currie Kilcattan
227.04 An eminence on South Garrochty and on the estate of the Marquis of Bute
GARROCH HEAD Garroch-head
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
Wilson's Guide to Bute
Mr. McLean Dunagoil
John Currie Kilcattan
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Origines Parochiales
227.07 A promontory forming its extreme Point to the South, called in the Gaelic language Ceann Garbh, which Signifies Stormy end, or Stormy head
Mr McKinlay in his map of Bute Places this name at the Rhu Chluidh, (at Glencallum Bay) but all the inhabitants of the island I enquired of place the name, as written on tracing, it is probable this name embraces the whole South end of the island, commencing at "Toe more, and terminating at the point where the name is written, but the inhabitants contradict that assumption.

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