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THE PLAN or NORTH GARROCHTY The Plan or North Garrochty
The Plan or North Garrochty
The Plan or North Garrochty
North Garrochty
North Garrochty
Mr. Muir Factor
Estate Map
Val. [Valuation] Roll
Origines Parochiales
Johnstone's Coy. [County] Map
227.03 A large farm steading the property of the Marquis of Bute.
This us a large agricultural and sheep farm and Comprehend the Suidh Plantation, the old farm steadings of Branzet. Kinnegaven Glencallum and North Garrochty, the property of the Marquis of Bute,
NUMEROUS OLD SILVER COINS FOUND HERE At the place on this Plan marked and which was pointed out by the son of the Farmer William Scott and another who was present, were found in June 1863. 26 silver coins mostly of the reign of Robert II - a small Silver bar - 3 Gold bands and 2 Gold rings - These were sent to the Queen's Remembrances, Edinburgh.
St. Blanes Hill
St. Blanes Hill
Suidh Blaan
Suidh Bhlain
New Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
Mr McLean Dunagoyle
Mr McDougal South Garrochty
Estate Map
Wilsons guide to Bute,
227.03 A high circular hill on the estate of South Garrochty, called after the Saint whose name it bears, it is diferently called Suidh Blane, Mount Blane and St. Blane's hill, but the latter name is that in which it is generally called in the locality,
[Note] Suidhe, A Seat; Bhlain -
BARR BUIDHE Barlarbhuidh hill (The summit of the yellow mount)
Barlarbhuidh hill
Barlarbhuidh hill
Mr. McDougal., South Garrochty
Mathew McFie Kilcattan
John Currie Kilcattan
227.03 A conical hill a little to the S.E. [South East] of St. Blanes Hill, and on the estate of the Marquis of Bute. -
[Note] Barr, a height, buidhe, Yellow.
BEALACH-DEARG BOG Baloch Derg. Bog (The Red hollow)
Baloch Derg. Bog
Baloch Derg. Bog
"Bealach-dearg Bog"
Mr. McDougal., South Garrochty
Matthew McFie Kilcattan
John Currie
227.03 A small moss or bog under a steep precipitous craig forming the junction of the estate of South Garrochty & the Marquis of Bute,
[Note] Bealch-dearg, A red pass.

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