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THE NUNNERY [Continued] 227.03 a built passage that seems to have been underground, is another space on a lower level, and surrounded by a similar wall 124 feet in circumference, which is known by the name of the nunnery. It has been commonly Considered to have been the site of a Convent; on no authority that has been discovered, but that of tradition. Both spaces have been used for sepulture; but this ground is believed to have been set apart as a burying-place exclusively for females; and the ashes reposing in it have been little disturbed for ages, although frequent interments still take place in the other. A considerable portion of the walls of the church remain standing, and discover an Architecture of great antiquity. The elevation on which it is situated, is approached on the north by a flight of steps leading from a grove at a short distance, which contains a remarkable kind of building, of which the use remains altogether unknown. Thus consists of a wall forming a complete circle 30 feet in diameter; rising to 10 feet in height above the ground, and obviously filled with rubbish to some depth; 9 feet thick, and having a passage or gateway 9 feet wide. The erection was doubtless formed with a view to great strength, it is composed of rude stones many of them of immense size. The workmanship seems to be of a more remote date than that of any other part of the adjacent ruins; but its evident communication with these, shown by marks still remaining would indicate its having been connected with them, for whatever purpose. It is situated at the foot of a ridge of rocks running from north to south, 50 feet high, and forming at each end a junction with an outer wall, which marked, it is proble [probable] the Sacred precincts, and which comprehends a space of some extent beyond any ruins that remain. "New Statistical account,"

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