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Lubas Port
Lubas Port
John Martin, Lubas
Archibald Martin, Largizean
John Currie Kilcattan
215.14 A small port on a farm of the same name, and on the estate of the Marquis of Bute.
STANDING STONES [Stravanan] Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Estate Map
New Stat [Statistical] Account
Wilsons guide to Bute
215.14 "Towards the west shore 3 very large stones are standing"
Those three stones have been variously conjectured to have been connected with Druidical rites, or the mark a scene of battle, and to have served as monuments for persons who fell in it, most probably it was the latter object for which they were erected. They are situated on a plain at the foot of a gently rising ground, half a mile distant from the bay of Stravanan, where an enemy was likely to land; and indicate a position Singularly favourable for a defending force. On the other hand they have little appearance of a Druidical erection. They are placed in a line running nearly from north to South, and are made to face towards the east and west; and although their direction has a slight inclination towards being circular, the circumstance may have been accidental; and if they formed part of a circle it must have been greatly larger than that above mentioned. See [page] 125-11 New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]

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