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GREAT CUMBRAY Meikle Cumbrae Continued 216 [continued from previous page] the sea; and this agrees perfectly with the natural appearance of the island, which presents steep and precipitous banks all round the Coast. There is, indeed, a flat level space round the whole island extending from the bottom of those banks to the water's edge, but the whole of this space has been, at one time or other, Completely Covered with the sea. This is evident from the fields of sand and beds of Marl which it Contains; and if so, its appearance then would exactly agree with what its name Signifies. Its figure is very irregular &c. The shore, which is, as already Stated, flat and level for some Considerable distance from the sea, is, in some places, Sandy, as in Kames Bay, on the South-east of the [continued on next page]

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[note] The "Little Cumbray" forms part of the parish of Ardrossan, see documents attached to the Name Book for Little Cumbray

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