List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
THE LEUG The Liubheg
The Liubheg
The Liubheg
Mr. Duncan McLaren Millport
Mr James Hunter Millport
Mr. James Cochrane Ballochmartin
216.14 This is A rock about 5 Chains SW [South West] of The Spoig its length at low water about 3 Chains and breadth about 1 Chain it is completely covered at High water.
This name is pronounced as if written. Luac, or Leug
THE MILLER'S THUMB The Miller's Thumb
The Miller's Thumb
The Miller's Thumb
Mr Charles Castle Millport
Mr. James Morris Millport
Mr. Crawford Wood Millport
216.14 A Small rock about 4 Chains NE [North East] of the Pier it is not visible at High water

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Leug A precious Stone Gaelic Dicy. [Dictionary]
Miller's Thumb. The river Bullhead Jamieson

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