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The Allans
The Allans
The Allans
Robert Hunter Esq Hunterston
Revd [Reverend] A Marshall
Dr [Doctor] Stoddart Millport
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
216.14 Two rocky islets in Millport Bay.
MINNEMOER Authorities for the pronounciation James Hall - Gamekeeper
James Crawford Figgatoch
216.06 Two Small Lochs almost uniting and to which the name applies conjointly they lie in a hollow on the top of the highest central part of the Island. New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Page 70
WEE MINNEMOER James Hall - Gamekeeper
James Crawford Figgtoch
216.10 This name applies to the smaller Loch adjoining the Gamekeepers House Sheriff's Common

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The Allans
This spelling is evidently a corruption
of the Gaelic Eilean, which signifies an island. Gaelic Dicty [Dictionary]
and was probably given in ignorance - See Eilean near Gourock page 28

Minnemoer, a nursing mother Gaelic Dict. [Dictionary]

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