List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GLADE STONE Gladestone
Mr. Crawford Figgatoch
Mr. James Cochrane Ballochmartin
Mr Thom Portrye
216.06 A Rock situated on the most elevated part of the Island near Sheriffs Common,
Dr [Doctor] Stoddart
Revd [Reverend] A Marshall
Mr J McKirdy Millport
216.09 A ridge of high ground, uncultivated, situate north of Millport
GLEN BURN Gleneoc Burn Mr. John Thom Portrye
Mr. Crawford Figgatoch
Mr. James Cochrane Ballochmartin
216.02 A stream at the north end of the Island of Cumbrae flowing into White Bay.
TONNEL HILL Tonnel Hill Mr. James Crawford Figgatoch
Mr John Thom Portrye
Mr. James Cochrane Ballochmartin
216.06 An eminence about 17 chains east of Figgatoch
"Tonnel" means a Bonfire

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[GLADE STONE] Glad - Glaid - Glade - Slippery - Jamieson_ [Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language]
Glaid - "Gled" a Kite - Jamieson's Dictionary
The spelling "Glaid" will all [depend on] whether the derivation be from the bird or from its slippery nature JB [John Bayly]
[Note indicating word 'bird'] See Gowk Stone JB [John Bayly]

[SHEUGHENDS] "There is a range of hills called the
Shoughends, which seen from south to north, extending nearly the whole length of the
island in that direction. All the other hills
which may be considered as so many subordinate connections of this range, rise,
with gradual ascent, from the extremities of the island
to its centre; where the height above the level of the
sea is nearly 500 feet." New Statistical Acct. [Account]
Sheugh or Sheuch, A furrow or ditch Jamiesons

[GLEN BURN] Glen Burn JB [John Bayly]
[Note indicating Glencoe Burn in Spelling Column] [clearly wrong] JB [John Bayly]
Gleanach, of or belonging to a Glen Gaelic Dict. [Dictionary]
[Authorities] These persons are all but tenant farmers.
[Added to Description] Through a small glen. the derivation from Gleannach is therefore manifest, but, Glen Burn signifies the same thing

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