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WESTRUTHER (Parish) Westruther (Parish) Continued [from page 4]
Thornydyke, & Spottiswoode, at each of which places there were Hamlets of considerable extent, being still dissatisfied with the distance, the heritors agreed to make choice of a more central situation for a church, & accordingly, the Minister was removed from Bassendean to Westruther in 1649 - The chapel at Wedderlie is of great antiquity, as Several charters Still exist which were framed in the thirteenth century. It has long been in ruins, & nothing remains to mark the place where it stood, except a Vault belonging to it, into which, as tradition reports, the Monks at the Reformation conveyed their most valuable effects, till a Convenient opportunity occured for their removal. That at Spottiswoode was built by the Lord of the Manor during the reign of David II., for the benefit of his family & hamlet. It received the name of "Whitechapel", & long Stood in ruins, till these were entirely swept away when the ground was cleared for building the present offices at Spottiswoode.
The only relic of it that has been preserved is a baptismal font.
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Parish of Westruther -- W Beatty

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