List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BELMOUNT Belmount Mr Johnston Kennetsideheads
Mr. Logan Hassington Mains
Mr Stevenson Schoolmaster Eccles
028.09 A farm in good condition and with Offices attached, situated in the S. W. [South West] part of the parish on the road leading from Hassington Mains to Stitchill and near the County Boundary. It has received this name from it being situated on an elevation It is the property of Mrs Eliza Broomfield._____
MOORLAW COTTAGES Moorlaw Cottages Mr Johnston Kennetsideheads.
Mr Logan Hassington Mains
Mr Stevenson Schoolmaster Eccles.
028.09 A small row of Cottages, West of Hassington Mains and Occupied by some of the labourers employed on this farm, they are erected at the Extremity of a field from which they have derived the name. __
HASSINGTON MAINS Hassington Mains Mr. Logan. Occupant.
Mr Johnston Kennetsideheads
Mr Stevenson Schoolmaster, Eccles.
028.09 An extensive farm in the S. W. [South West] part of the parish. The dwellinghouse about half a mile distant from the County Boundary and the attached Outhouses are in good repair. It is furnished with a Steam Thashing mill and belongs to the heirs of the late Colonel Broomfield. __

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Parish of Eccles
Sheet 28 No. 9 Trace 1 & 2 & 4
Collected by H. Sharban

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