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KING'S GARDEN King's Garden
King's Garden
King's Garden
Andrew Wilson
Alexander Collin
John Leach
012.02 A rock of no great magnitude close to shore, and immediately at the base of a very steep Grassy slope, On its sum [summit] a few tufts of wild coarse grass grows And to the last named circumstance it owes its name

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Parish of Ayton -- Sheet 12 No 2 -- Trace 5 -- Collected by John W Rodgers

Sh==n Heugh -- Sh==n Heugh -- Sh==n Heugh
Andrew Wilson Coldingham -- Alexander Collin-- John Leach
A very large and high rock outside low water line. It is much frequented by sea fowl, consequently much whiten [whitened] with their excrement.

[Note] -- Not used on the Plan

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