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Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Revd [Reverend] J. Mitchell St Fergus
Mr A Park St Fergus
Mr R. Lillie Inverugie
023.01 Applies to a small hill stiuated on the north side of Inverugie Castle and on the top of which is a small raised mound of earth - "and where in feudal times when lords superior had the power of pot & gallows, criminals are supposed to have been executed, it later times used for holding bonfires on particular occasions
INVERUGIE CASTLE (In Ruins) Inverugie Castle
Inverugie Castle
Inverugie Castle
Revd [Reverend] J Mitchell St Fergus
Mr A Park St Fergus
Mr R Lillie Inverugie
Statistical account of parish by Rev. [Reverend] J Craige. St Fergus 1795
023.01 Applies to the castle of Inverugie now in ruins, it appears to have been of considerable extent and two courts of it were formerly used as a granary and brewery for porter & beer; the south tower is standing very entire yet but the north one has fallen to decay, there is also a small tower at the back used as a staircase leading to the rooms and roof of the castle. The two gateways are still standing on the south side of the castle.
"At what particular period the cheynes became proprietors of this
parish is not certainly known; but it would appear, that they were in
possession of this estate before the Cumines succeeded to the Earldom of
Buchan. Sir Reginald Cheyne of Inverugie was the founder of the
Carmelites house in Aberdeen. He had by his wife a daughter of Cumine
Lord Badenoch
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