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Castleneedless Croft
Mr Murray, Banker
Mr J Kirton, Tenant
Rent Roll
009.12 A dwelling house, with outhouses, a Small garden and a croft of arable land attached: the property of Major Gordon Duff.

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Ph [Parish] of Ordiquhill -- Co. [County] of Banff.

Correct in two words O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office]

A croft of Arable land, having House attached and garden. O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office]

Croft is the original and leading idea here - houses is adjunct - accidental - the land gives name the the houses - or they adopt the name of the land on which they are built - the houses are not the place, the object named is the Croft and therefore it Should be in two words. SML 25 July 66 O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office]

[signed] M Campbell c/a [civilain assistant]

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