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Rounie Law
Rounie Law
Rounie Law
David Taylor. Little Ribrae.
John Duguid. Kirkton
James Fairweather Maryhill.
Old Statistical Account
017.13 A small hillock surmounted by a ditch or fosse much defaced by ploughing over it. their is some difference of opinion as to what class of Antiquities this object belongs in the New Statistical Account it is described as a Barrow or Tumulus, while in the Old Statistical Account. it is said to have been a place where markets were held, On inquiring I cannot find any person who ever knew or recollects of markets being held here, while the general opinion is that it belongs to that class described as Barrows Another opinion is that it is one of the Moot hills of the ancient Britons but I cannot find sufficient authority to support this opinion

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Parish of Forglen -- Co. [County] Banff

Revn [Revision]
"now ploughed over"

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