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KING'S HAUGH Kings Haugh
Kings Haugh
William Henry, Ardwell
Peter Stewart, Suie
037 A small arable haugh on the Black Water the origin of the name is lost in obscurity.
"There is a tradition that one of the Kings of Scotland, Malcolm Canmore, had a Residence in the parish at a place called the "Kings Haugh", on the farm of Spenwell, and it is said there are still ruins of a castle to be seen there. I went in consequence to examine the spot, where I found ruins indeed, but such as had evidently been the abodes of later and humbler occupants, through the nature and quantity of materials might countenance the idea that they had been taKen from the remains of some former building. The place is a Small haugh, about three acres in extent, bounded on the north by a Steep and RocKy bank, upwards of 100 feet in perpendicular height. At the upper part, the Blackwater enters by a narrow passage through a rock, and runs through a deep and rapid channel, having on the South a precipitous bank of more than thirty feet, running into a high and steep hill at the lower end. Altogether, if inaccessibility and concealment had been the objects of choice, a securer den could scarcely have been Selected." New Statistical Account
ALLT NA CRAOIBHE-CAORUINN Allt na Craoibhe-Caorruinn
Allt na Craoibhe-Caorruinn
Allt na Craoibhe-Caorruinn
John Lindsay. Fiddich Lodge
P. McHardie. Blackwater Lodge
John Innes Cairnbrallan
037 A large stream which issues from the Lochs of Allt na Craoibhe-caorruin, and empties itself into Black Water near Cairn Brallan. Means Stream of the Rowan Tea Berry.
DAUGH OF CORINACY Daugh of Corinacy 37 For authorities and descriptive remarKs See Name BooK of the 1/2500 work of Cabrach Parish.

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Allt na Craoibhe-Caorruinn [note] we have adopted the one - r Caoruinn

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