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5 feet by 4. The
grave [-] consists of
four stones, forming a
pit 3 feet square,
and 19 Inches in depth,
It was partly filled
with fine earth, in
which were embedded
two rudely formed
earthen Urns, containing
a few flint arrow-heads
and a quantity of
beads of various shapes,
made of a substance
known as Druids Glass,
from which I am
inclined to think
[Right hand page]
it must have
appertained to that people.
Sometime ago a
similar grave was found
near The Same spot,
containing, (what appeared
to have been) the stone
head of a hammer.
I have an idea
There are other
graves in the same
locality, and sometime
or other I shall institute
a Search
The Urns and beads
are in my possession
and should you
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