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CAIRN DUFF Cairn Duff (Remains of)
Cairn Duff (Remains of )
Cairn Duff (Remains of)
Cairn Duff (Remains of)
Mr. James Provan Lochridge
Mr. Kennedy
J.A. Snodgrass Esqr.
Mr. Alexander Watt Peacockbank

Pointed out by Mr. James Provan
John Weddell
013 In a samll plantation on the far of Peacockbank (Mr. Provans) there is quantity of Stones forming part of what was formerly a Cairn of considerable size. They are mixed with earth and overgrow with grass and trees. and at present have notmuch of the appearance of a Cairn.
URNS &C FOUND HERE [Cairn Duff] 013 "About thirty years ago, while Mr. Dean of Peacockbank was sorting out some trees in a small plantation, on Cairnduff Brae, on his property, he discovered three urns containing human bones. The urns were covered by a great quantity of Stones, forming , it is conjectured, one of those Cairns, in which the Ancient inhabitants of this Country buried their dead."
New Statistical Account.
Page 734.

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No. 21.
Parish of Stewarton -- Sheet XIII.9 T. [Trace] 5

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