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Ochiltree House
Ochiltree House
Ochiltree House
Revd. [Reverend] W. M. Walker
Mr. Thomas Cuthbert
Mr. William Paterson
035 A plain lofty building 3 Storeys high Slated with Crowstep gables on all other repsects a plain Common building in Very bad repair apparently going fast into ruins there is a Small patch of a Park attached which would appear to be once neatly laid out and attended to but now neglected like the house, attached to and occupying the half of the east front of the Mansion is a ruin carefully preserved about 12 feet high and divided into apartments the walls are very thick being about 6 feet - a portion of an Arched roof is still perfect from all a person would be led to believe that it was once a Castle of Some Strength it must be a long time Since it was occupied or entire as there is Some one or two large Ash trees growing on roofed arch and at other crevices at the angles Some Oak ones of not less than 100 years growth I can find no information to add to what Patterson has Stated in his history of the Shire - it may have been a Castle and it my be only a dwelling built in the Feudal times -See Mill Street for 'Camp' adjacent -the property of the Dowager Lady Boswell

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Parish of Ochiltree -- Sheet 35 Plan 5

"The present Castle of Ochiltree, the residence of
"the Dowager Lady Boswell, is not a modern
"building - being probably two or three hundred
years old". Patterson's Hist. [History] of Ayrshire (1847)

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