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LUGAR WATER Lugar Water Revd [Reverend] James Fairlie Mauchline
Mr McLaren Facot BarsKimming
Knox's Map of the Basin of Clyde
034 A River of Considerable size which takes its Source in the mountains near the junction of the Counties of Ayr, Lanark, & Dumfries. (where the three Co.s [Counties] meet) and flows in a North Westerly direction till it joins the River Ayr near Barskimming
Dipple Burn
Dipple Burn
Dippol Burn
Dippol Burn
Dippool Water
Dippool Burn
Dippool Burn
Andrew Bryson Drumfork
John Wallace Treeshill
Henry Wakeland Auckenleck House
Revd. [Reverend] Rankin Sorn
Mr William Rankin Glenogan
Knox's Map of the Basin of Clyde
Scroll Plan, Mr Thompson Ayr
Estate Plan
034 This Rivulet takes its rise near Darnconer in the Parish of Auckenleck and flows in a Westerly direction until it joins the Lugar Water near Auckenleck Ho. [House]. The Portion of this Burn from the Br. [Bridge] marked A on Trace 2 35.1 to where it joins the Lugar Water is known as the "Linn Burn" but Dipple Burn is the proper name

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County of Ayr
Parish of Mauchline

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